Create Colorful Two Sided Tri-Fold Brochures

These are cost-effective and a powerful advertising tool. 

- Full color two side printing on quality paper

- Glossy or matte finish

Advertising brochures has been an advertising staple of businesses. Just remember: Brochures need to be used to get you more business.

Here are five useful ways brochures will help you promote your business:

Bill Stuffer:

Talk to other local businesses in town to see if they will include your flyer with their monthly bill statement mailings or other customer communications. Give them a $50 commission, a cost per insert fee—or whatever you are able to negotiate—for doing so. It works!


Everyone seems to scramble to set up for events—even when they have known about them for months. Plan ahead and make sure that you have up-to-date sales brochures along with a good tent, banners and other show materials. Be ready for all your events by ordering your brochures and all of your show materials today.

Customer Communications:

Include your brochures with any and all customer communications. Don’t limit yourself to using this as a stand alone piece. Always use a customer communication as an opportunity to cross sell them other products or services.

Public Bulletin Boards:

Place your brochures in laundromats, gas stations, grocery stores and on any public bulletin boards. While people wait for their laundry, wait to pay, stand in line or otherwise just kill time, they look for something to occupy their time. Make sure your brochure is available in all of these waiting locations.

Pizza delivery:

Talk to your local pizza shops about sticking these to the tops of pizza boxes that go out for delivery. One pizza shop can sell hundreds of pizzas per week in take out and delivery. Ask your local restaurant to include a brochure with each pizza box. Spiff them for each one and you both make out!

Your business will benefit from these and many other special uses of brochures beyond the traditional. You will also strengthen your company brand and when you use this tactic in combination with other marketing tools including solo direct mail, door hangers, adhesive notes, newspaper media, event branding and much more.

Brochures can be an integral part of a great neighborhood marketing program

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