Geo-Fencing Is Old School. Geo-Replay Takes It to Another Level.

Geo-Fencing requires the ad recipient to have opted into the ad network and be actively browsing within the polygon to see an ad. It is also relatively inaccurate from a targeting standpoint.

Geo-Replay allows you to go back in time—up to six months. You can pick a single day or a window of time. Then serve ads to those that were in the polygon during that window. No opt in required and you can serve them even when. they are out of the polygon. Accurate within 1m2

Check out these examples.

Example 1:

Polygon of golf course (shown left) allows data capture over time. Prospects may be targeted for golf related promotions anytime—and not just inside that polygon. Service display ads for mobile devices AND other recipient devices like tablets or laptops.




Example 2:

You want to target snowbirds that spend winters in their 2nd home in Florida. Just polygon the households and set the time frame that makes sense.

In the off season, communicate with the snowbirds in their summer homes. Great for homes services provided to seasonal residences.

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