New Mover

New Movers are New Buyers!

Whether Owners or Renters, New Movers have to make a number of buying decisions as soon as they move in. Help them find you!. 

Automate the program so that you are marketing to a new set of prospects each week. You can also run a one-off campaign here. Just follow the simple steps below:

How to Place Your Direct Mail Order:

You will either use our site to create your mailing list or upload your own list. To start your order, just complete the selections to the right.

Note that the  icon above each of the Options explains what the Option is and if you need to concern yourself with it.

After you complete the Options to the right, you will select, upload, create online or have one of our designers develop the art files for your mailing. If you are designing your own postcard, be sure to print off a copy of the Print Template from the Templates directory (above) before you start your design.

You will then either create or upload your mailing list--and then check out. It's easy!

Postage Note:

The list type that you select has in impact on the postage rates for which your mailing will qualify. Read the postage options below and select the postage rate that fits your mailing list and critical needs:

  • Standard Automation Rates: select this rate if you are buying a Consumer list, a New Mover list, a Business list or we are mailing your own internal list. This will garner the best rates for these types of lists and is the default rate selected to the right of your screen.
  • Standard Saturation Rates: use this only if you purchase a Resident list. This list will allow you to mail at the lowest rates allowed outside of Non-Profit Rates. Note that you cannot segment your list by household/individual level demographics. So if your product only needs geographic segmentation--along with a few basic carrier route level filters--choose Resident list and Standard Saturation postage rates.
  • First Class: this is the most expensive but will arrive the fastest. Typically, First Class is only chosen for invoicing or other critical communication with your clients, prospects or other important contacts.

If you have any questions or need help, just email  or call one of our Marketing Services Representatives at 800-792-8812800-792-8812


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